What is Geomat Web?
It is an on line monitoring satellite service which allows to display, in real time on a geographical orientation map, the GPS position and therefore the route carried out by a Target. Geomat is a service exclusively and entirely developed by Intermatica:

How does the service work?
The service can be used by all Thuraya Customers by simply sending an SMS with the GPS position to the Geomat Service Centre, which manages the signals reporting them on a satellite and terrestrial map. The Thuraya terminals, equipped with integrated GPS of the latest generation, makes this operation extremely simple and perceptive.

What is GPS?
The GPS is a system which allows you to know the exact position (latitude and longitude ) with approximation of less than 50 metres. The GPS system is made up of a constellation of satellites orbiting around the earth at a height of approximately 20.000 Km. The GPS receiver recognises its position calculating the distance which separates it from 3 or more satellites establishing at least 3 distances from 3 satellites, through three-point formation it is possible to determine the position of the terminal. That is, it consents, in case of emergency, the possibility to ask for help knowing your exact geographic position. The position indicated by the Thuraya GPS also contains the height (with approximation of +/- 50 metres ) and the GMT/Universal Time in which the position was taken.

Does Geomat work with all types of terminals?
The system, on the Thuraya satellite network, at present works only with Thuraya terminals.

Can the system be used in a closed environment?
The service using the GPS and satellite network is usable exclusively in the open and in the area covered by Thuraya services.

Where can I use the service?
The service can be used in the areas covered by Thuraya satellite (Europe, North and Central Africa, Middle East, Indian sub-continent and part of Asia and Oceania).

Can I use the system also at sea?
Yes, the Geomat service is usable everywhere, also at sea.

What is the Geomat Card?
The Geomat Card holds the PIN necessary for activating the web service; Intermatica offers its customers the opportunity to try for a period of three months, free of charge, the service by simply asking the Intermatica Customer Service for the activation PIN card by telephone. Number (office hours), sending an email to specifying your personal details for postal dispatch and indicating " Geomat Card request". At the end of 90 days the service is by payment: it is however not obligatory to continue the service and in whatever case no costs will be incurred.

How is it possible to activate the web service?
Activation of the service is extremely simple and intuitive; it is indispensable however to have a Geomat card.

- connect to the site
- click on "activation"
- digit the PIN code on the card
- follow the instructions for the registration of the account

N.B: for activation you will be required to give an e-mail address and telephone number of the Thuraya terminal which will be used for the service. At the end of the free trial period it is possible to prolong the period by payment through an OnNET telephone card or by invoice (only Thuraya-Intermatica subscribers)

I see Geomat is available in two different profiles, Profile One and Profile Fleet, what is the difference?
Intermatica allows you to choose the Geomat service according to your own requirements:
- profile One: allows you to follow the tracking of a single Target on a geographical orientation map and includes zooming and panning.
- profile Fleet: has the same characteristics of service One besides a multi Target function, that is, it allows you to contemporarily follow more than one target with one account.

How much does the service cost?
Profile One
The One service is free of charge for a period of three months . All you have to do is ask for the Geomat Card and activate it. At the end of the 90 day trial period the service is by payment and can be activated for a minimum period of 30 or 90 days. The cost of the service for 30 days is €5,00 whereas for 90 days is €10,00. It is however possible to constantly renew your subscription by making a new payment. For the payment of service One, Carta OnNet must be exclusively used: the card is easily found in that it is distributed in more than 77.000 LIS-Lottomatica points (tobacconists, bars, newsagents etc). For more detailed information on OnNET or to find you nearest distributor just visit the site or ring the Customer Service number
Fleet Profile
The Fleet Profile can only be activated by customers subscribed with Thuraya-Intermatica for a minimum period of 90 days. Intermatica customers must activate the service on a SIM subscription denominated "master" whilst the additional SIM, relative to other Targets, can be of whatever profile, either subscription or pre-paid. The Fleet service costs, for the Master SIM, a monthly advance payment of €16,80 whilst for every additional SIM a further monthly payment of €4,80; all the subscriptions will appear on the SIM Master monthly invoice. The cost of SMS sent is entirely at the expense of the customer and depends on the tariff plan used.

All the prices shown are including IVA.

Can I monitor more targets at the same time?
Yes, by activating Geomat Fleet profile it is possible to follow the tracking of more targets through a single account.

I've seen Geomat products for automatic tracking: where can you buy them?
Geomat products are available in 300 Intermatica Points of Sales: The list can be found on

Intermatica does not guarantee that the Geomat Service will be free from interruptions or connection errors. All users of Geomat services and Products will not have any right to compensation actions against Intermatica for any loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly connected to unavailability, delay, imperfection of failure or Geomat or Thuraya Products and Services including, without limitation, erroneous conduct, omission or fault of Intermatica employees or agents.