How it works

Geomat is a Satellite Monitoring and Geo-fencing System capable of tracking the route of any type of Target, (excursionists, boats, vehicles, ultralight aircrafts, etc.) by sending SMS messages reporting GPS coordinates: the surveyed positions and the tracked route, complete of heading, speed, altitude and position, can be displayed in real-time.


Manual Tracking
Easy-to-use, the user detects the GPS position with a Thuraya telephone and sends it, via SMS, to the Geomat Service Centre. The position will be immediately displayed on Geomat website's geofencing cartography, as well as the entire route travelled by the Target.

Registration is required in order to activate the service: request for the free activation PIN can be submitted to Intermatica by calling or by sending an email to with information and writing "Geomat PIN request" in the subject.

Once the PIN has been received, registration can be carried out in the site's "Activation" area. Intermatica will send the Service Centre phone number to which GPS position SMS must be sent, as well as username and password for accessing the restricted area. An email address and the satellite telephone number are required for registration. The service is completely free for a period of 90 days as per the date of activation: once this period has expired, the service may continue to be used by payment. (other information in the Profiles area)

Automatic Tracking
GPS position sending can also be done automatically by equipping the Thuraya terminal with a special Geomat electronic control unit (PU) capable of sending, via satellite SMS, both the GPS coordinates as well as any possible alert signal.

In particular, it can:
- automatically send a SMS message, at a scheduled range of time, which includes the type of notification, as well as the geographic coordinates in terms of latitude, longitude, speed, heading and altitude;
- manually send generic notifications or alerts;
- send alert signals detected by sensors on board the mobile vehicle.

More information about Geomat products are available in the Products area.

The Geomat tracking service can be used with Thuraya terminals equipped either with SIM Thuraya or with the SIM card of a GSM operator enabled for satellite roaming (in Italy TIM and WIND). With the aim of offering a high quality service, Intermatica strongly advises using only the Thuraya SIM card.

Intermatica does not guarantee that the Geomat Service will be free from interruptions or connection errors. All users of Geomat services and Products will not have any right to compensation actions against Intermatica for any loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly connected to unavailability, delay, imperfection of failure or Geomat or Thuraya Products and Services including, without limitation, erroneous conduct, omission or fault of Intermatica employees or agents.