The first satellite-based tracing system that can be used by anyone

Geomat is today the most compact and economical satellite-based monitoring and positioning system available on the market. Geomat is the first professional system that can be used, simply and intuitively, both by Private Clients (excursionists, journalists, leisure boaters) and by Professional Groups (mountain rescue, coast guards, 118, fliers, fleet management).

Il primo sistema di tracciamento satellitare


It's a 16,000 km "crazy rally", organised for humanitarian purposes that left London on 21st July with Ulan Bator in Mongolia as its destination. The only condition imposed on competitors is that the car used for the Rally much be completely "unmodified" and have an engine of less than 1,000 cc. Participants in the rally will include Gregorio Cicogna and Ferdinando Visconti di Modrone, driving a legendary Renault 4 equipped with a Geomat tracing system.


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Mongol Rally

Thuraya Maximus at the Rolex Middle Sea Race

An exceptional team, the one that this autumn, on the initiative of the Papastilla Sailing Team took part in the Rolex Middle Sea Race, the Mediterranean's most demanding and fascinating regatta on board the Thuraya Maximus, the 30 m New Zealand Maxi Yacht launched in 2005 ...Go

Thuraya Maximus Thuraya Maximus
Thuraya Maximus