Intermatica provides various profiles for subscribing to the Geomat service.

One: Geo-fenced cartography with tracking, zooming and panning. The service is available for subscription at € 5.00 for 30 days or € 10.00 for 90 days. Payment for the service can be made online using exclusively OnNET phone Card: the card is easily found in that it is distributed in more than 77.000 LIS-Lottomatica points (tobacconists, bars, newsagents etc). For more detailed information on OnNET or to find you nearest distributor just visit the site or ring the Customer Service number

Fleet: has the same characteristics as the One service, but includes the multi-Target functionality which allows the user to track more than one target with a single account. The Fleet profile can only be activated by Thuraya-Intermatica Subscription Customers and for a
minimum period of 90 days. The Customer must activate the service on a subscription SIM denominated "Master", while any additional SIM card, relative to other Targets, can be of any profile, whether subscription or prepaid.

For the Master SIM, the Fleet service has an anticipated monthly fee of € 16.80 while each additional SIM will be charged a monthly fee of € 4.80; all fees will be included in the monthly invoice of the Master SIM.

Access to Geomat information is possible only by entering one's own login and password. The login and password enabled cannot be used by more than one user at the same time and make it possible to follow one single target (except in the case of the Fleet offer).

The cost of SMS sent is entirely at the expense of the customer and depends on the tariff plan used.

All the prices shown are including IVA.

Intermatica does not guarantee that the Geomat Service will be free from interruptions or connection errors. All users of Geomat services and Products will not have any right to compensation actions against Intermatica for any loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly connected to unavailability, delay, imperfection of failure or Geomat or Thuraya Products and Services including, without limitation, erroneous conduct, omission or fault of Intermatica employees or agents.